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Experienced Austin Pool Cleaning

Stress-Free Solution to Pool Cleaning

When it comes to pool cleaning services, we’re the right choice! At American Spa And Pool, A.S.A.P., we have certified pool technicians who can handle any type of pool cleaning work.

We offer:


You can contact us for a variety of pool services, such as pool cleaning, chemical services, and more. Our technicians can clean, repair, and keep your pool functioning at its optimal level.

And bonus, you’ll receive discounts on labor on all our pool repair services. There will be no charges on labor for minor replacement of a pool part when we replace it on your regular service day.

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With 10+ years of experience, our Austin pool cleaners stand ready to help.


Call to book your pool cleaning service: 512-293-7831.

We service the following Greater Austin areas, including Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Lakeway, and Bee Cave, just to name a few.   

Get various pool and chemical services, too!

Rely on us for excellent pool and spa cleaning services. From testing and adjusting chemicals to balancing your pool water, our professionals can do the work efficiently and quickly.


You can also count on us for other pool and spa care services such as pool surface skimming, scrubbing pool sides and tiles, pool vacuuming, and pool heater testing. We can also empty your pool's skimmers and clean the pumps.


If needed, we can also clean salt cell, backwash filter, and review pool equipment to ensure that everything stays in working order.

  • Removal of debris from skimmer and pump baskets

  • Empty and maintain pool cleaner

  • Backwash filter when necessary and replace filter media

  • Testing water chemistry

  • Balancing water chemistry including most chemicals

  • Pool water surface skimming

  • Net pool bottom and pool vacuuming

  • Scrub pool and spa walls

  • Maintaining equipment in proper working order

  • Maintaining proper filter pressure to keep pool filtering correctly

  • Monitoring water level

Disclaimer: When you opt for our chemical services, please note that you’re responsible for cleaning, brushing, netting and vacuuming the pool. We don’t do pool cleaning as a part of our chemical services.

The Prowler 930W Robotic Cleaner has all the easy, drop-in-and-go intelligence of all the Prowler family. But with the 930W’s WiFi connectivity, all you need is the Pentair Home app to make pool cleaning truly hands-off and effortless --even by robot standards. Whether you need time to get ready for the kids’ pool party or simply want to touch up a tough spot before bed so your morning dip is glistening.


• WiFi control via the Pentair Home App for easy connectivity and smart-phone enablement.

• Easy access to top filtration basket that captures minuscule and large debris.

• A robust caddy for you to easily transport your pool cleaner from point A to point B.

• Customizable cleaning schedule so you’re never overdue for a cleaning.

• Manual targeting of trouble spots for a truly pristine pool.

• Delayed start app feature allows you to clean now or clean later, so late-night swimmers won’t be bothered.


Contact us to purchase: 512-293-7831

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